Sunday, September 18, 2016

Keep Your Head Down and DO THE WORK!

On a side note, when I feel overwhelmed I watch tv…right now I am watching Project Runway, a show for designer hopefuls to have a chance to realize their dreams of becoming the next fashion designer. I love this show, it is inspires me.

Sometimes I get so caught up on checking on social media and what the outside world is doing that I miss time and energy that needs to be devoted to my business. I need to be able to take this scrolling time and focus on The Business Liaisons. 

Scrolling time – time spent looking through social media for insights, updates on things happening in the world, checking in on friends and family, looking for my next client, just scrolling and looking throught  FB, TWITTER, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr…etc.

Do you ever find yourself in that predicament? I mean on one hand you are worried that if you don’t check in then you might miss something vital and then on the other hand you can’t get any real work done because you are so busy trying to “keep in touch”. What if you miss an important event or miss a networking opportunity?  It is insane and that is what is so hard to do. You want to be there to work your business but you want to be relevant, you want to be informed and on top of what is current and happening now. There is such a thing as a balance and it is so hard to know where to draw the line.

FOR ME, I don’t know about you.  I don’t have much time. I have set the bar very high with that I need to do whatever possible and impossible with regards to getting my business out there and generating income. They say businesses fail in the first two years and I can definitely see that as there are so many components to just getting off the ground. Let’s be honest,  there have been many times I have wanted to just chuck it.  But right now I’m too close to getting there that I can’t stop.  And so I will not.  And so neither can you.

So let’s just hanker down and identify what are our strong points and what do we need to do to keep focus and to keep moment, right?  
This last quarter ask yourself what am I doing to go out with a bang? 
  • What will put a memorable stamp on your business that will generate that necessary buzz?  Keep thinking outside of the box!  
  • What have you set for the entire year and where are you with that.  Are you on track, off track, how much?  What do you do you need to  push the end. 
  • Is there one project you have been struggling with completing and you realize time is upon you and you need to wrap this up once and for all?   

Four months may be left but that in no way means you are not able to hit those milestones by the end of year. 

I am sitting here watching Project Runway and I am watching these designers push to the end.  They are exhausted and overwhelmed but they are determined.  They are right there.  They are right at the end and now is not the time so turn back.  The FINALE that is what I am watching. I feel like that coming to the end of this year. I feel like I have come SO far but I have so far to go and I just have to push push!!! If you push I will push with you.  We are all in this together. 
PUSH beyond your boundaries and follow your gut.  Sure check in every now and then to see what folks are doing but then keep your head down.  Do the work, FOCUS and ask yourself what can you do to make those beginning year set goals and what you can do to end the year with a bang.

  • ·         Hone in on your VISUALS…Where is that vision board…time to stare at it and bring to mind the energy and thoughts that brought you to making it.
  • ·         YOUR MANIFESTO..did you do one this year!  Are you still trying to figure out who you are and your customer…if not then you need to get on that and post IT!  Read my BLOG on Manifestos.
  • ·         FAMILY PHOTOS – Are they your goals and what are your dreams and wishes for them.  Look at them and if you need pics to do so then post them!!
  • ·         Create stair step for your goals.  It is so daunting to multitask but if you draw a set of steps and map out what you need to do next it gives you a sense of accomplishment. 
  • ·         Meditate, pray, workout….do what you need to refresh and get back in the game.

Keep your head down and do the work, this is TIME TO MAKE IT WORK as they say in Project Runway and this is time to show YOU how tenacious you can be.  Set the bar high and reach it!!!

Leslie Crudup writes for The Business Liaisons, LLC – Business Consulting

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