Monday, May 9, 2016


If you are wondering if you are doing the right thing. Here’s a question….


I will tell you what….if you don’t have something interesting to say then who cares?   Time is short and valuable and folks do not have time to waste.  In the fast paced world we live in, you need to be relevant and interesting…or else keep it moving!

Why are people that don’t even follow Beyoncé asking about her?  Why are people so interested in the secret life of Prince?  Why are people asking what is Trump going to say next?

Sure they are celebrities but guess what…. they are not boring!  People want to be entertained and they want to dive into something that is intriguing and inviting.   And so if you are not selling your business as something interesting then why would anyone want to talk to you?  Why would you expect them to be interested in your product or your service?

The key to being successful is being INTERESTING. I do not care what you are selling it has to grab someone’s attention.  I have watched folks with some very interesting ideas and very interesting products but no one knows about them because they are not introducing it as something interesting.
Marketing is REALLY NOT that complicated.  Sure you need to know your analytics in regards to costs and you CERTAINLY need to know your customer, but if you are coming off as something boring….it means nothing….it means no sale.


Maybe your business is to teach spanish to adults.   We can agree this is a business that given today is a sought after service.   So you set up shop and a website and you post your billboard,  " WE TEACH SPANISH HERE".   

Wonderful…but what is so interesting about that?  Here is where you introduce your niche!  Maybe your niche is that you teach Spanish while cooking ethnic dishes!   And so now you are a little interesting, folks like food.  Or maybe your idea is to teach through reading an interesting novel, capturing the interest of reading enthusiasts at the same time.  Here is another thought, you could provide Spanish classes from children, let the children teach the class.   I know some of this sounds crazy but it is interesting and engaging and that is the key to making a sale!!

I know my example is a stretch but can I tell you how many people I run into that have very interesting businesses but no one knows about it because they fail to present it with some pizzazz!  If you provide a service, it is not enough that you have all of the experience in the world in the subject…be interesting! 

The moral is….you can’t just put up a sign and say come and buy.  You have to create an interest. Make it fun. Make it something worth looking into and something relevant that would of course still answers your customers’ needs.

If you have a product. Talk about it!  What makes it better than anything your customer may have ever experienced?  What do YOU like about it?  

I cannot stress how important it is in business to BE INTERESTING… MARKETING is a vehicle and being INTERESTING is the primary goal!
  • ·       NICHE or a Trend
  • ·         Watch your competition
  • ·         Be INNOVATIVE
  • ·         Connect with our audience

I talk about CONTENT MARKETING in my 1st webinar and I invite you to join in live or view the podcast.   It focuses on Marketing more so but there are clear examples of how being engaging are key to success.

So go ahead and just brain storm how you want to showcase your business.  Research what others in your same industry are doing. Then ask yourself…what I can do to put the same spin on it but make it exclusively all mine. 

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